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WellKC is a Telehealth practice providing care to adults (18+) in Kansas. We are local and mom/woman/family-owned. We want to give you a healthcare team who will really get to know you and who truly cares about you and your health. You shouldn't have to wait days, weeks, or months to address a health concern or talk to a provider that you actually know. We make it simple and convenient to get exceptional care whenever and wherever you need it.  

We provide care via virtual appointments for issues ranging from routine preventative check-ins to prescription management to sick visits. See our Services page for a list of some of the most common issues that we manage. 

WellKC is owned and managed by Jaclyn Whitlock, an AANP board certified family nurse practitioner. Jaclyn has over 10 years of experience in the medical field including 6+ years working in critical care and 5+ years in internal medicine. She holds a master's degree in nursing and a bachelor's degree in psychology, and she is a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the American College of Physicians. Jaclyn is a lifelong Kansas resident and University of Kansas alumni who currently lives in Shawnee, Kansas with her husband and four young children. 

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From Jaclyn:

"Thank you for visiting WellKC, we are so excited that you are here! I started providing Telehealth services to my patients during the COVID-19 pandemic and quickly realized what an amazing tool these services can be. By providing virtual appointments and flexible appointment times, we can make healthcare visits more convenient and accessible to everyone. As a busy mom, I especially want to make healthcare (and self-care) easier for other busy moms! I don't mind if you have kids running around behind you during our appointment, or if you need to squeeze in an appointment in the car between kid's activities. I just want to make it simple and convenient to take care of yourself, and I want to help you to be as healthy and happy as possible. I believe in a combination of functional, holistic, and Western medicine, and I also believe that health recommendations need to be personalized to every individual. I would love to help you optimize your health and wellness and be your best self! Please reach out to us at WellKC any time!"



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